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In today's complex and changing real estate market, it is important to work with a company that sets the highest standards of client service, constant education, careful attention to detail, and impeccable ethical standards.

One of the most compelling reasons Sellers utilize real estate auctions is their ability to control the terms of the sale and sell their property on an "as-is, where-is" basis. 

In order for a Buyer to feel comfortable enough to purchase a property at auction, he or she must be confident that there was ample opportunity to thoroughly investigate the property before competing in active bidding.

Our auction company is unlike any other real estate company in the auction world. Our unique focus is upon our clients' interests in buying and selling their homes rather than making a "quick buck."

There are a few key ways that our auctions differ from almost all other auctions:

Three-Day Right-to-Rescission:
All of our auctions have a three-day right to rescission. Buyers can cancel for any reason, or no reason at all for the first three days after the auction. If you are the second, third or even fourth place bidder, and something happens to the first place bidder, then you could become the winner after all.
Buyer's Premium Included:
Another key difference with our auctions is that the Buyer's premium is included in the bidding so that Buyers don't have to worry that there will be an extra fee added on top of the final bid. You can bid with confidence knowing that all commissions are included and your final bid is your final purchase price. At other auctions the Buyer's premium, often thousands of dollars, is added on top of the final bid. For Sellers, Statewide Real Estate Auctions takes no monies up front to sell your home at auction.
No "Ghost" Bidders:
While other auction companies might take advantage of a law which allows the auction company to “plant” bidders in the audience to bid against the audience, we certify that Statewide Real Estate Auction's Buyers are genuine bidders. We don’t participate in this because even though it is legal we feel that it is immoral, unethical and should be illegal.  
Seeing is Believing:
We invite you to attend one of our auctions. They are unlike any home auction you have seen before -- relaxed, calm and professional. We actually allow bidders to call for a 5-minute recess to call their significant other, their banker and/or their advisor to see if further bids can or cannot be made.
Job Opportunity:

We are hiring all over the state of California. Agents or Brokers interested in either hanging your license with us or partnering with Statewide Real Estate Auctions and co listing auctions with us please call for details this fantastic business opportunity. We have a 100% commission program for our agents and partners. We also offer a $1000.00 reward for anyone that refers us an agent or broker that does just 1 auction with us. 

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